First photo is my grandfater with a sword when he was a soldier. And second photo is my great-grandmother with baby and my grandmother(center) and my grandmother's sister in Toyama. These photos are like a old cinema for me, It is really wonder that they are real persons and they link to me. Anyway we have a period on each of life, It is going as plandned? I can say "No, It isn't ", But you know It is life.

Which way do I go?


My grandmother

She is my grandmother of her girlhood, Her birthplace is Namerikawa of Toyama Prefecture, She often saw a mirage from Toyama Bay. It was a precious picture what my grandfather looked first this picture in Asakusa of Tokyo when he had a marriage meeting with her.
I mean this pisture went to link me. A photo gave a love story. Maybe a photo would be the start of something.

What is a precious photo for you.....Photo is wonder, I love photo.


My grandfather's photos of China

There are my grandfather's photos of China, He went to Manshu of China in the closing days of second world War,My grandfather put these photos on his photo album with his story of his life memory. I'll put his photos on my blog from now on. Hope somebody appreciate his photos.
Would you like to visit his memory?