Play the guitar, play it again, my Johnny
Maybe you're cold, but you're so warm inside
I was always a fool for my Johnny
For the one they call Johnny Guitar
Play it again, Johnny Guitar

What if you go, what if you stay, I love you
What if you're cruel, you can be kind, I know
There was never a man like my Johnny
Like the one they call Johnny Guitar

( Johnny Guitar )


Each a dream

They are soldiers with my grandfather before war. The man with japanese bamboo flite "Shakuhachi" is a commander. Each a time, Each a dream from past to you.



Spring of nineteen years old 

It is wedding of my grandfather and grandmother, They stood behind my great-grandfather and my great-grandmother with a baby on second photograph, Feeling of a small happiness.....


Let's meet in a dream 夢であいましょう

My grandfather was in China for Second World War, He was orderly. He was more safety than soldiers for the front. So he could see my grandmother again after war. A woman on the left chair of last photo is My grandmother, She waited his return to home.

I feel that these soldiers was not so sad for this war ? Because sometimes they make humorous pose on photo, I don't know how was my grandfather feeling, but he didn't like to speak about this war.

うれしげに 悲しげに
楽しげに 淋しげに
夢で 夢で
君も 僕も

うれしげに 悲しげに
楽しげに 淋しげに
夢で 夢で
君も 僕も



Blood will tell

It is a photo of my great-grandmother with a parasol, And the second photo is my grandmother, She resembles her mother (my great-grandmother)....Blood will tell ?